What is waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal method that involves applying warm wax to the skin, allowing it to adhere to the hair, and then quickly pulling the wax and unwanted hair from the root. This process results in smoother skin compared to shaving, as it removes hair from the follicle. Waxing can be done on various body parts, including legs, arms, face, and bikini area, offering a longer-lasting solution to unwanted hair growth. It's a popular choice for many women seeking a semi-permanent hair removal option.

First time brazilian wax?

First of all, read the frequently asked questions below.

Make sure that the hairs are long enough to wax! At least 2 inch or 0.5 centimeter.

The first wax treatment is always exciting and is not painless, but nothing to worry about. We can go through any questions you have in advance, I think it's important that you feel comfortable while waxing. I always plan enough time and breaks are taken if necessary. After the treatment you will notice how nice it is to be soft and smooth everywhere.

Have more questions?

No more trouble with stubble, ingrown hairs and/or bumps. The hairs grow back less quickly and stiffly after 3-4 treatments. The skin feels silky soft after a wax treatment.

There are two different types of wax. The first type is soft wax, also known as strip wax. Soft wax is applied very thinly using a roller and requires a strip to remove the wax. With this wax you can go over the body part to be waxed up to 2 times. 

Hard wax, also known as film wax or stripless wax, is applied thicker and requires no cloth or paper strips. It is used on all skin types and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The film wax is applied in a thick layer and is then removed from the area; this method is used for the Brazilian wax and armpits.

The hair will stay away for 2-6 weeks. This differs per person and depends among other things, on hormones and medication use.

When you're getting waxed for the first time you can already see / feel stubble after a few days. Rest assured, these are the hairs from a different growth cycle, eg because you recently shaved (3-4 weeks ago). It can take up to 4 treatments before all hairs grow in the same cycle, provided you get waxed regularly and don't shave!

After 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the hair growth and of course whatever you prefer.

Are you waxing for the first time? Then I advise you to schedule the first 4 treatments every 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks we can stretch the period if possible.

Waxing is never painless.

Treatment can sometimes be more painful depending on the following factors; cycle, hormones, medication use.

The ideal length is between 0.5 cm and 1.5 cm long. Hair shorter than 0.5 cm cannot be removed. For hairs longer than 1.5 cm, the treatment can be experienced as very painful. I suggest to trim the part that you want waxed for a less painful experience.

Bikini wax or bikini line
Removal of hair on the sides and top of the bikini line. 

Bikini line is defined as any hair that extends outside of a pair of regular bikini bottoms. It does not include the removal of hair on the inner thighs, labia, or anal area.

Brazilian wax
The hair will be completely removed including the hair on the labia.

Full Brazilian wax
This is the Brazilian wax including the hair between the buttocks and around the anus.

No, the hairs come back thicker / stiffer, this makes the next wax treatment again very painful. In addition, you also have a chance of ingrown hairs and itching when the hair grows back.

In the unlikely event that you have shaved, the result that you have built up with waxing is unfortunately nullified. You will have to start over.

Within 2 weeks: these are often the hairs that are from another growth cycle, these were too short during waxing. The waxed hair is pulled out with roots and will therefore not grow back as quickly.

Extra information: especially during the first waxing (even if you have shaved in between!), the hair roots are still very strong. It is therefore always recommended to undergo at least 3-4 treatments, after which it becomes clear how quickly your hair grows back and how often you have to wax. You will also notice that the hairs come back softer and thinner.

Do not shave or pull these hairs out with tweezers, they will be removed the next wax treatment.

The skin gets a considerable shock, causing it to be temporarily (never longer than 3 days) swollen. This can often be remedied by using aloe vera gel after a shower. If the swelling lasts longer than 5 days, contact your doctor.

Make sure you touch the skin as little as possible after the wax treatment - the hair follicles are opened and infections and irritations can occur more easily.

If you get a reaction after a few days / weeks, personal hygiene in combination with high temperatures often plays a major role. Sweat glands can become clogged and the skin can become inflamed. This often occurs in the summer or on vacation. If this continues for a longer period of time, contact your doctor.

No, you can exfoliate again after 2 days. Don't do this every day; 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

Due to the high sensitivity, Miracle Massages does not wax during your period. You can receive treatment again 48 hours after your last bleeding.

If your period starts on the day of the appointment, we can reschedule the appointment free of charge.

Yes. Bear in mind that waxing can sometimes be more painful due to hormones.

Do not wax with fever, headache, menstruation and certain medications that can affect the sensitivity of your skin such as Retin A, Accutane, Tetracycline or Glucolic Acid.

Also there is no waxing with an inflamed skin, hairy moles, warts, bruises and cuts or abrasions.

Let us know if you have diabetes, a skin allergy or have recently had chemo.

If in doubt, you can always send me a message or contact your physician.

If you want to have the ingrown hairs removed during the Brazilian wax and there are many hairs, then €5 in costs will be added. If you suffer from a lot of ingrown hairs and pimples, I recommend that you get a Vajacial vajacial treatment. This is comparable to a facial treatment, but specially developed for the intimate part.

No. This is not allowed.

  1. Scrub the night before. 
  2. Try to consume as few caffeinated drinks as possible on the day of the appointment.
  3. Come fresh and showered. This is hygienic for both you and me.
  4. Do not shower too hot and use unscented soap after the treatment.
  5. Do not lie in the sun or under the sunbed for 24 hours.