At Miracle Massages, your health and convenience are paramount.

I therefore ask you to observe the following rules:

  • Come alone
  • No shaking hands
  • Please inform me in advance if you feel sick

As always, all towels and sheets are changed after every treatment and the room is cleaned thoroughly.

Do you have a massage appointment?
Take a large clean towel with you. If you forget, an additional € 2,50 will be added.

I will wear a face mask during all treatments.

You will be asked a number of health questions via an online screening form. You will receive the link after the confirmation of the appointment and it must be completed on the day of the treatment.

It is possible that the appointment will be canceled on the spot if a cold or any form of (starting) illness is suspected. The appointment will then be moved free of charge.

The treatment time is specially blocked for you that cannot be booked by anyone else.

Therefor notify at least 24 hours prior to the appointment that you are unable to come or want to cancel. If you have made a deposit, it will be refunded or settled with the next treatment.

When you're don't cancel in time, Miracle Massages may pass on 50% of the fee for the agreed treatment to you or at least withhold the deposit.

See also the Terms and Conditions for the cancellation policy.

Be on time, but keep in mind that there is no waiting area; so don't come 5 to 10 minutes earlier. Often I am still busy with another client or preparing for your treatment.

When you're later than 5 minutes than the agreed time, Miracle Massages may shorten the lost time on the treatment and still charge you the entire fee of the treatment.

Only applicable to wax treatments: if you arrive at the salon more than 15 minutes later than the agreed time, without notification or valid reason, Miracle Massages may cancel the entire appointment and still charge you 50% of the fee of the agreed treatment.

When you first visit Miracle Massages, a 25% deposit, with a minimum of 10 euro, will be asked prior to the appointment, which can be paid per payment request.

Only after the deposit you are assured of your appointment at the agreed date and time.

Why a deposit?

Sometimes it happens that new clients don't show. A no-show is disastrous for small self-employed people, hence a small deposit is required to counter this.

After the first time you no longer have to make a deposit, only the Terms and Conditions will be applicable.


If you do not show up for the appointment - without notification of at least 24 hours in advance - you will lose the deposit.

No, there is no pin device. Payments can only be done through a payment request that must be paid on the spot.

Before the massage

When planning your massage appointment, I recommend that you plan as little as possible that day. If you are in a hurry, it takes much longer to relax and be receptive to the massage.

During the massage

The room is heated in winter. Let me know if you feel uncomfortable when certain parts of your body are touched. I will cover the parts of your body with a towel that aren't getting massaged.

Let your mind wander and focus on the touch. It is very normal to experience different emotions.

After the massage

After the session you'll get a glass of water and I will leave the room. Take the time to get dressed. Try to take the rest of the day off to fully benefit from the massage. The benefits of a massage are cheaper if you regularly get one. As you become more comfortable with the process, you will find that you are more relaxed after your massage session.

Try to drink plenty of water throughout the day so that the waste products (toxins) can be peed out. Drinking water also helps prevent a headache after a massage.

Make sure that you don't eat anything or lightly at least an hour before the massage, so that your body doesn't have to process food during the massage. Drinking a lot of water is of course always recommended, just keep this in mind so that you don't drink anything at least 30 minutes beforehand.

I always recommend closing your eyes and enjoy the relaxation. State if you are too cold or warm, if you experience pain or if you want the massage to be adjusted in any way. During the massage you can tell me how I can improve your experience.

Everyone is different and prefers different pressures and styles at different moments, one moment deep and the other soft. Don't worry about getting me upset - let me know right away and I'll adjust the pressure.

Because of the proven health benefits and the release of stress as a result of a massage, I recommend a relaxation massage at least once every 4 weeks.

Do you have chronic pain? Then a combination of therapeutic and relaxation massage can be the perfect solution! A massage is all about you and your needs, it is up to the masseur to experiment with it through different massage techniques.

If you have chronic pain, more frequent massages may be needed. The health benefits of loosening the muscles and relieving tension on the nerves are well known, and for people with chronic pain it is a life saver. You must not forget to listen to your body and when you start to feel stiff and painful, it may be time for a massage.

The body releases toxins through the massage. You may feel a little dizzy or have a headache after a massage. These are natural reactions that you don't have to worry about. Stay well hydrated before and after your massage to reduce these symptoms. Feeling a little sore or pain in your muscles the next day is also completely natural.

Make a healthy habit of a massage and the symptoms will disappear quickly.

No more trouble with stubble, ingrown hairs and/or bumps. The hairs grow back less quickly and stiffly after 3-4 treatments. The skin feels silky soft after a wax treatment.

There are two different types of wax. The first type is soft wax, also known as strip wax. Soft wax is applied very thinly using a roller and requires a strip to remove the wax. Hard wax, also known as film wax or stripless wax, is applied thicker and requires no cloth or paper strips. It is used on all skin types and is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. The film wax is applied in a thick layer and is then removed from the area; this method is used for the Brazilian wax and armpits.

The hair will stay away for 2-6 weeks. This differs per person and depends among other things, on hormones and medication use.

When you're getting waxed for the first time you can already see / feel stubble after a few days. Rest assured, these are the hairs from a different growth cycle, eg because you recently shaved (3-4 weeks ago). It can take up to 4 treatments before all hairs grow in the same cycle, provided you get waxed regularly and don't shave!

After 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the hair growth and of course whatever you prefer.

Are you waxing for the first time? Then I advise you to schedule the first 4 treatments every 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks we can stretch the period if possible.

Waxing is never painless.

Treatment can sometimes be more painful depending on the following factors; cycle, hormones, medication use.

The ideal length is between 0.5 cm and 1.5 cm long. Hair shorter than 0.5 cm cannot be removed. For hairs longer than 1.5 cm, the treatment can be experienced as very painful. I suggest to trim the part that you want waxed for a less painful experience.

Bikini wax or bikini line
Removal of hair on the sides and top of the bikini line. 

Bikini line is defined as any hair that extends outside of a pair of regular bikini bottoms. It does not include the removal of hair on the inner thighs, labia, or anal area.

Brazilian wax
The hair will be completely removed including the hair on the labia.

Full Brazilian wax
This is the Brazilian wax including the hair on and between the buttocks and around the anus.

Rather not, the hair comes back thicker / stiffer, this leads to a more painful wax treatment. In addition, you also have a chance of ingrown hairs and itching when the hairs grow back. In the unlikely event that you have shaved, the result that you have built up with waxing is unfortunately nullified. We will then have to start the process from the beginning.

Within 2 weeks: these are often the hairs that are from another growth cycle, these were too short during waxing. The waxed hair is pulled out with roots and will therefore not grow back as quickly.

Extra information: especially during the first waxing (even if you have shaved in between!), the hair roots are still very strong. It is therefore always recommended to undergo at least 3-4 treatments, after which it becomes clear how quickly your hair grows back and how often you have to wax. You will also notice that the hairs come back softer and thinner.

Do not shave or pull these hairs out with tweezers, they will be removed the next wax treatment.

The skin gets a considerable shock, causing it to be temporarily (never longer than 3 days) swollen. This can often be remedied by using aloe vera gel after a shower. If the swelling lasts longer than 5 days, contact your doctor.

Make sure you touch the skin as little as possible after the wax treatment - the hair follicles are opened and infections and irritations can occur more easily.

If you get a reaction after a few days / weeks, personal hygiene in combination with high temperatures often plays a major role. Sweat glands can become clogged and the skin can become inflamed. This often occurs in the summer or on vacation. If this continues for a longer period of time, contact your doctor.

No, you can exfoliate again after 2 days. Don't do this every day; 2-3 times a week is sufficient.

Due to the high sensitivity, Miracle Massages does not wax during your period. You can receive treatment again 48 hours after your last bleeding.

If your period starts on the day of the appointment, we can reschedule the appointment free of charge.

Yes. Bear in mind that waxing can sometimes be more painful due to hormones.

Do not wax with fever, headache, menstruation and certain medications that can affect the sensitivity of your skin such as Retin A, Accutane, Tetracycline or Glucolic Acid.

Also there is no waxing with an inflamed skin, hairy moles, warts, bruises and cuts or abrasions.

Let us know if you have diabetes, a skin allergy or have recently had chemo.

If in doubt, you can always send me a message or contact your physician.

No. This is not allowed.

  1. Scrub the night before. 
  2. Try to consume as few caffeinated drinks as possible on the day of the appointment.
  3. Come fresh and showered. This is hygienic for both you and me.
  4. Do not shower too hot and use unscented soap after the treatment.
  5. Do not lie in the sun or under the sunbed for 24 hours.

Stagnation leads to pain and dysfunction within tissues, so cupping—like acupuncture—aims to clear the stagnation before it causes problems. From a Western standpoint, cupping creates more space between the tissue layers to get rid of dead cellular debris and excess fluids and toxins. It also breaks up scar tissue.

The bruises for cupping can last from a few days to two weeks. During several weeks of repeated cupping treatments, the bruises will decrease as the stagnation disappears. This indicates a successful result of a cupping treatment.

Black, Deep Purple or Deep Blue: Indicates blood stagnation. It can occur when an injury or illness (including strong coldness inducing blood stasis) has resided in the body for a long time. Wind with cold can also manifest as a dark mark.

Fresh Red Color: Indicates a recent traumatic injury with accompanying heat.

Light Pink or Light Blue: Indicates mild coldness.

Small Red dots: Indicates release of heat toxins.

Pale or White mark that fades quickly: Indicates lots of energy and function (Qi).

You may feel fatigued the day after cupping as your body processes the toxins released.

Some people (not everyone) feel chilled, achy, sore, tired and have mild flu-like symptoms after cupping. These detox symptoms are natural and they should be mild and brief.

Drink plenty of water to help eliminate toxins from the body. Avoid showers, steam, sauna and exercise immediately following your treatment. In general, take it easy and rest.

Cupping can help release the fascia (also called myofascial release), especially when the cups are moved along the tissue. 

Cupping can help break up scar tissue adhesions, allowing better flow of blood and lymph and freeing bound muscular tissue for improved range of motion and performance.