Below is a selection of the reviews that have been copied and translated from the Google page of Miracle Massages.


Carola Loeh


I got a coconut stamp massage from Sharina about a month ago. It was incredibly relaxing and I was able to really switch off for a while. I have never found this type of massage anywhere else, but it was a really great experience. In terms of safety measures, everything was good as well. Sharina wore a mask the whole time and everything was very clean. I will definitely come back again.

Suzan Anneke Akyar


Stress hits my body and Sharina massages this out every time! She knows exactly what is right for me and adjusts the treatments to how my body feels at that moment.

100% een aanrader!

Natasha Rachel Numan


It is now my second visit to Miracle Massages. Upon arrival again a warm and professional welcome. During the massage, Sharina knows exactly where to find the places where extra attention is needed. Normally an hour passes quickly, but not here - I sunk that deeply into relaxation. Afterwards I felt that I was completely back in my body, thank you!

Genn Hossenbux


I went to Sharina for the first time last Friday! What a wonderful experience! First we got acquainted during a warm foot bath and then she had a look at my back. After that she started with the wonderful coconut compress massage. She gave me a lot of information about the different massages she gives and what would suit me well. The massage itself was very nice and relaxing and I look forward to all the other treatments that Miracle Massages offers! Sharina is very friendly, professional and you immediately feel at ease with her. I'll definitely return!

Sheila Gangasing


Had a wonderful massage again, beautiful sweet lady who takes her job seriously. clean, tidy, and most of all soothing πŸ™πŸ½



Because I train a lot and had an injury in my upper leg, my friend recommended Sharina to me. I chose the Full Body Massage. Before she began with the massage, she asked me what areas needed special attention. She made me feel very comfortable and she knows what she is doing. I highly recommend Sharina. I will definitely come back!

Sanjeeta Dassasingh


Sharina was the fourth person I started waxing with and I'm glad I don't have to look any further!

Sharina was the fourth person I started waxing with and I'm glad I don't have to look any further! She is professional and friendly, she puts you at ease, asks if you want breaks, answers questions and gives very good advice. She is a must!

Philip LongJoy


Had a wonderful massage. No problems with my back for a week which was very welcome. Thank you again.



The first time I came to Sharina was for a relaxation massage.
I received a warm welcome from her.
Before she started giving a massage, she asked if I had any complaints.
Coincidentally I had problems with my shoulders for a few days.
She has been so professional to pay attention to my complaints and has put extra focus on this during her massage and during the massage she gave also give me tips on what I can do about this.

At the end of the massage I felt great again!

Carmelita Moentadj


A massage at Sharina is a great experience. She is discreet and puts you at ease right away. It is highly recommended to let her golden hands massage your body. You are guaranteed to leave the massage parlor completely relaxed.



Recently had a massage with Sharina for the first time. She is professional and I received a very friendly welcome. If she notices that certain areas need extra attention, she immediately adjusts the treatment accordingly. I had a wonderfully relaxed feeling afterwards. Recommended!

Rinoe Arjun Sharma


I really enjoyed the coconut massage. Sharina does her work with love and you just feel it in her hands when she massages you. My back was really stiff and I felt so relaxed after the massage. Definitely will come back to try the other massages!

Najia Mounir


I recently went to Sharina for a coconut compress massage. I had expected a lot from the reviews and nothing could be further from the truth. The massage was good beyond expectations. After that I felt reborn. To be repeated. The massage room is also very nice and so is Sharina as a person. She explains well what she is going to do and ensures that you completely relax.

Justine Grep


Last week I received a full body massage at Sharina for the first time. I am quite skeptical when it comes to massage salons; already left a salon not completely satisfied a number of times. But this time I was completely satisfied. Sharina is very professional and really knows what she's doing. This can also be seen in the techniques she uses. After the massage I was completely relaxed and then fell asleep like a log. Highly recommended!

Quincy Koningferander


I usually never write a review. But she is highly recommended!!! She knows many massage techniques, feels and knows which muscle groups need to be addressed and takes the time to tackle everything properly. Have now been twice and I will definitely come more often.

Tanudja Sewgobind


I fully agree with all these reviews!
I've known Sharina for years. For a moment she was not family but a professional! πŸ‘Œ I was able to relax well. Wonderully enjoyed. Good tips. As it should!
Really recommended!

Susan Chaupin


Last week I had a wonderful full body Coconut Compress Massage at Miracle Massages. I've been coming to Sharina for the waxing for some time now, she finally convinced me to get a massage. And without regret. Her massages are so good! Due to Corona I have been working from home and have problems with my neck and shoulders. After the massage I went home very relaxed and slept like a log. Sharina is a nice person to deal with and nothing is too much or too crazy for her. Get those coconut compresses ready, I'll be back soon!

Ravaella Johnson


I had my very first massage with Sharina. I had the coconut compress massage.
For someone who has never been massaged before, she made me feel very comfortable. She truly does have miracle hands!
She does everything she can to make you feel relaxed, comfortable, zen and that you walk out of the door feeling nothing but reborn!
She is a wonderful woman, she focuses on the area that needs special attention, she wants to know if everything is still okay during the massage and you just feel that she knows what she’s doing. I highly recommend Sharina and I found my permanent masseuse!



Fine massages. Highly recommended, I come from Rotterdam especially for the coconut compress massage that Sharina offers.

Dennis Kuipers


Sharina listens carefully to the wishes of the client and I am very satisfied with the massage performed. It was wonderfully relaxing and time flew unfortunately. I will come back again for sure!

N. N.


Had a massage for the 1st time at Miracle Massages. The massage was completely to my liking. Sharina, the masseuse, what a nice spontaneous woman. She was very customer-friendly and listened carefully. It all felt super familiar. I am definitely going back here!

Joanne Florentina


Me and a friend wanted Girls Spa Day at our beach house, Sharina gave us a nice day at Spa at home.
We received a combination of the Coconut Compress Massage, Waxing, Feet and Facial treatment...
Service and treatment "was the best", she easily adapts to your wishes and works super hygienic and professional...
Really recommended ❀️

Tenoeska K.


Got the coconut compress massage yesterday. I immediately felt relaxed by the warmth of the coconut.
Sharina works hygienically which is very important to me.
Miracle Massage is definitely recommended! I'll be back next month.

Erwinia Haime


Shien is a super sweet, thoughtful and caring woman who is honest and direct. She works with passion and patience and ensures that you feel completely at ease. I felt reborn after my massage session! Definitely worth going back and highly recommended! 😘 

Rayen Merhai


Sharina is very professional and pleasant to deal with, I felt very comfortable. I undoubtedly recommend it and will definitely return!



Sharina is a very nice and candid woman which takes good care of her hygiene. A massage is certainly recommended!

Evgenia Shabalina


Sharina is a great therapist, I really enjoyed the massage! She is kindly taking care about each and every customer and makes sure that your complains are heard and the experience at Miracle massages matches your expectation.
Definitely recommend to visit this place!

Bouchra de Lyon


Had such a wonderful massage at this salon! The owner is friendly, professional and very accessible. She asks about pain points and takes this into account.

She also uses delicious products. I slept like a log that night after the massage. I'll be back and recommend it to everyone!

Evaldo Bane


For someone who trains as much as I do, this is really the perfect place to relax my mind and muscles! The massages are wonderful and I look forward to the next one every time! #Osu

Angela Broekhuis


Last week I was with Sharina for a massage. The result is more relaxation but also more energy. She is passionate, professional and really takes the time for you.



Fortunately I was able to go to Sharina for a back massage on Monday, this was quite painful but necessary. Sharina distracted me well and we got to talking. I had had so much pain in my lower back for a few weeks, after the treatment I immediately felt relief. Today, 3 days after the treatment, my back feels really great. I can lift my toddler again without pain. Miracle Massages is a must and a lifesaver. Thank you Sharina and hopefully I can visit again soon, this time for a relaxation massage πŸ˜‰

Prenatal massage

Alexandra Pintilie


Great experience! I am not usually into massages but Sharina made sure I had a very relaxing and nice prenatal massage. She is very thoughtful and caring and creates an atmosphere that helps relax and enjoy it. Will definitely continue going as I feel really good after her massage sessions.



Vandaag super fijne en heerlijke zwangerschaps massage gehad!! Ik kwam
aan en wist me niet zo goed wat me te wachten stond. Ik genoot zo van de massage dat ik zelfs even heb kunnen slapen. Zo ontspannen voelde ik mij. Sharina is echt top en vroeg meerdere malen of alles goed was. Totaal geen spijt gehad van deze heerlijke ontspannen massage. Ik kom hier zeker weten terug! Echt een aanrader voor iedereen!



"Very relaxing and great service. I had a pregnancy massage with 30 weeks. Given that I have difficulty relaxing because of my 'comfort zone' I did not know how this would go. It was lovely. It was nice that Sharina asked if I was still comfortable and how it felt. The hand techniques felt very nice and hygiene was also paramount. The baby responded to the massage and after that I was really relaxed. Definitely recommended!!

Priya Mahabiersing


Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik bij Sharina geweest voor een zwangerschapsmassage. ik wist niet zo goed wat ik mij bij een zwangerschapsmassage moest voorstellen maar aangezien ik dol ben op massages, ben ik ervoor gegaan.
And without regret! Sharina understands her profession well and has the most ideal and warm hands to massage a tired body. Also because of the baby in my belly she was extra careful and checked every once in a while if I was okay and if I was still lying comfortably.
Sharina not only massaged my belly very gently but also my legs, arms, neck, shoulders and back. I thought it was great, because of my gestation pregnancy, I was also very happy that she took care of my legs. My baby is already telling me what he doesn't like (hard punch or kick) and what he likes and even he enjoyed it. Occasionally I felt bubbles and pops and I was reassured that it didn't bother him, Sharina was also very keen on that.
Lieve Sharina, dankjewel voor de massage. Door jouw vriendelijke en open karakter voelde ik mij meteen op mijn gemak bij je en door jouw vaardige handen ben ik nu nog steeds erg zen.
Super bedankt en ik zie je zeker weten terug!

Sherona Goedoen


Afgelopen zaterdag ben ik door Sharina behandeld met een heerlijk zachte zwangerschapmassage. Voor mij de eerste keer en dat vond ik best spannend.
Normaliter geniet ik regelmatig van een massage, zowel ontspanning of deep tissue, maar sinds ik zwanger ben was ik toch wat terughoudend. Want ja, je hebt toch een babytje in je buik en aanraking is extra gevoelig, vooral op de buik moet het goed aanvoelen.
Voor onze afspraak heb ik Sharina telefonisch gesproken en heeft zij mij een en ander uitgelegd wat ik kan verwachten. We hebben besproken welke verwachtingen ik had en hoe zij daarop kan inspelen. Deze voorbereiding heb ik als heel fijn ervaren waardoor ik met meer vertrouwen de massage in ben gegaan.
Sharina is een zeer vriendelijke en toegankelijke professional waarbij je de ervaring die zij heeft direct voelt bij het eerste contact. Ze stelt je op je gemak waardoor je nog meer ontspannen kan liggen en genieten. Tijdens de massage vraagt ze regelmatig hoe ik de aanraking en druk vindt en speelt gelijk in op mijn wensen. Omdat het een zwangerschapsmassage is, lig en ervaar ik een massage op een andere manier en daar is de masseuse bewust van. Heerlijke warme stroken op mijn zij en rug en goede grip op mijn benen en voeten. Precies op de plekken die de laatste maanden extra onder druk staan.
Na de behandeling (die natuurlijk veel te kort voelde!) voelde ik mij heerlijk ontspannen en had geen klachten. Met een normale massage kan ik nogal gauw spierpijn of hoofdpijn ervaren, maar met deze massage had ik dit gelukkig niet. Na die dag nog even contact gehad met Sharina waarin ze mij vroeg hoe ik het heb ervaren en hoe ik mij na de massage voelde. Op deze persoonlijke manier voel ik mij geen 'nummer' en blijkt dat zij het belangrijk vindt te weten hoe je jezelf na de behandeling voelt.
Ik voel mij vrij bij Sharina en hoef mij nergens voor te schamen. Het lijkt alsof wij elkaar al jaren kennen! De zwangerschapsmassage is een echte aanrader voor als je jezelf een ontspanningsmoment gunt, last hebt van pijntjes in je lichaam en je je baby wilt laten genieten van jouw ontspanning!


Geraldine Lacle


I forgot to write my review the first time... better late than never πŸ˜… I had a brazalian wax done here for the very first time and I REALLY recommend it. Sharina is very friendly and professional. She will make sure you're comfortable during and after your appointment! The place of the appointment is very clean and hygienic, you won't regret booking with her. Truly best experience and I can't wait to go back after lockdown πŸ˜†

Karishma Bihari


I have been coming to Sharina for some time now for waxing and massages. I find it very pleasant.
Sharina takes the time and attention to the skin so that she can carry out the treatments properly.

I say book an appointment and experience it for yourself ❣

Shirley Lacle


I really recommend this place. I did a Brazilian wax before my trip to Aruba and it was the best decision ever. Sharina is very friendly and very professional. She will make sure you have the best time during your appointment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask her. Simply the best!

Mireille Deel


I had a very nice first time waxing experience. I was able to discuss matters and my "fears" extensively in advance. I was immediately reassured upon arrival and everything was indicated what she was going to do or what actions were taken! All in all, a very pleasant, friendly experience that convinced me to keep doing this frequently.

Joey W.


For a girl's weekend my friend and I wanted a spa treatment at home and Sharina completely spoiled us! From the delicious coconut compress to the facial treatment. Not to mention wax treatment that can normally be quite annoying, but she was so fast and had the right products for dark skin. She is very friendly and always puts your comfort first. I look forward to my next treatment 😍

Joelle de Wilde


She also does not wax a very large area at once, which certainly makes the pain bearable!

Annefleur B.


Sharina is a super sweet and friendly woman. I had a very nice treatment and I will come back in the future. Definitely recommended for others to meet with her.



A professional lady who puts you at ease when waxing! In addition, she connects to what you want (a break, music, glass of water). Good at the business and very nice πŸ™‚

Susan Crish


A few weeks ago I had a Brazilian wax and a facial treatment. Sharina is very lovely and kind and takes her time and uses good quality wax.
I hope she can reopen very soon, I really need a massage!

Rosnie Ramsodit


She's top notch! Clean, hygienic, and fast. Always super smooth and never bothered by ingrown hairs.
She is the best in Utrecht.